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This is a community for those who, for whatever bizarre reason, are fascinated by mathematics at any level.

It can be used for everything from asking help with a concept you're stuck on (note: we will help you see HOW to solve it. we don't do your math homework :P ), to expressing the existential woes of being a rigorous thinker in a world of people who don't even bother with hand waving.

Here you can meet fellow math-minded people, mention funny/interesting math-related anecdotes, and basically just string together any bunch of symbols that, in some semantic way, has to do with mathematical topics.

This is not a community for intellectual snobs. Mathematicians are people, too :P So take it easy, and don't worry about "not looking smart enough," or not knowing enough math to even talk. Everyone is (literally) math-retarded compared to Euler or Gauss, anyway, so relax in the comforting knowledge that we're all idiots.

Whether you're a math-inclined highschool student or you just won the fields medal, you're welcome and encouraged to participate. So please do :)